Friday, August 15, 2008

Frustration down south; good riding, eats up here.

Mrs Elliott snapped this photo with her cell phone to give me an idea of how the two moving vans are filling up. She's being forced to start triaging our possessions: stuff to pack, stuff to donate, stuff to discard. I told her not to worry about any of my items except for my chop saw--all my other tools, the table saw, the router, and so forth are all cheap Harbor Freight items--and if it comes down to her not being able to pack some essential item she needs for her office, I can always replace my stuff. Like settlers setting out westward-bound, one can't take everything.

So while she's having to deal with that mess, and still facing a long two-day drive, I enjoyed a very pleasant bike ride this morning along Mt. Washington Drive and then bipped down Skyliners for a tasty brekkie at the Victorian Cafe.

Looks to be a full moon tonight.

Today's docket has a new door for Mrs Elliott's office, carpet cleaning, removal of a stunningly ugly stump from the front yard and general this and that. Nothing to see here, keep moving.


  1. Oooh, also try a place called Chow, on Newport across from the Mkt. Very tasty. I told Boston, my 11yo son, "keep an eye out, there should be a yellow westy in town, 84." He said, round headlights, yeah?" You'll stand out, I don't think there's another yellow Vanagon in town.

  2. Great suggestion, totoro. We ate there a couple of months ago and it was indeed tasty. Open for breakfast, I see.

    A yellow Vanagon with a trailer hitch receiver up front should be pretty easy to spot. Tinted windows. Short old fat guy behind the wheel. Say "howdy."

  3. Oh yeah, there are several of those Vanagons in Bend. But your Cali plates are a dead giveaway, Jack!

    DMV opens at 8:00am Monday :-)

  4. Unloading those plates and getting a pair of Crater Lake plates is most certainly on my agenda. Sever all ties, I say.


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