Sunday, August 10, 2008

The First Wave

Today's the day for the first of the two waves to depart to Bend. The first wave is me and my possessions and I'll be departing in the late afternoon, driving my 1984 Vanagon and towing our little Ladybug utility trailer. The second wave will be Mrs Elliott, my son J., and my friend D.P., driving a 26-foot Penske rental truck, towing my son's Jeep behind on a car carrier and they are scheduled to head out this coming Friday.

I won't be able to post from the road, but I'll take a picture or two of my rig and post them, along with any words about any adventures, after I get settled in the new house and have Internet access going which should be the afternoon of August 13 after Bend Broadband comes out and turns on the service.

P.S., I like that gas prices have now fallen for the 23rd straight day in a row.

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