Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mrs Elliott is Not so Comfortable...

... being called "Mrs Elliott" here. It is an anachronism, a throwback to an earlier time when wives who may have ruled the household were but an offshoot of the husband in public. But I'm writing about the two of us without her input and the Interwebs are a creepily big place where anonymity is hard to come by. So out of respect for her privacy I am not using her name. She has been given Moderator rights on this blog so she can post whatever she likes--but has shown little interest in doing so. "Nerd," she calls me, for chosing to discuss our lives on a blog instead of with Real People.

Okay, so that having been said to make folks wondering about how our relationship works -- not that that's anyone's business -- this blog is about us moving to Bend. And I reckon that there is a little bit of updating to be done.
  1. We are converting three room in the house we bought in Bend into a workshop for my little business. I have engaged the services of a local handyman, "JM", to knock down two walls to convert the rooms into one larger one, and to install a new storm door to the outside for deliveries.
  2. I have ordered a s#!~load of workshop furniture for the new shop. Assembly workbenches, shelving, u.s.w., and have given the companies explicit instructions about when to deliver the goods. I am shocked at how expensive the shipping is for these goods.
  3. Two banks in Bend have been recommended for my business and personal accounts: Liberty Bank and Umqua Bank. They both have branches on Century, near to our house. The branch managers of both have been very helpful and communicative. Both banks have emailed me a bunch of documents to fill out to open accounts. I am pretty much choosing Liberty because the branch manager and business banking manager have worked harder for my business.
  4. Clearly, Mrs Elliott and I need to get the paperwork started to properly register our businesses in Oregon.
(Luckily for me I have an excellent CPA who is a fan of the work I do. He graciously provides free accounting and tax prep work.)

The packing continues. We have emptied two (count them, two) storage rooms of my company inventory and my son's possessions to bring to Bend. A roommate has moved out of our present house, making her room available for storage. This is a boon: storage has been costing me $175 a month!!! There is sufficient room in the Bend house for all this materiel.

And, just to add excitement to the mix, the company that inspected our house here in Carlsbad has quoted $10,000 to tent the place for termites and fix all the damage that those little cellulose eaters and dry rot have wrought over the past five (5!) years. Note to self: never buy a wood house in a damp climate . . .


  1. I hate to tell you this, but we do have those creepy-crawlies in the high desert of Central Oregon. I know several folks in Sunriver with major termite problems.

  2. I reckon termites are a world-wide issue, but how's the dry rot situation in Central Oregon? Not damp enough, I bet--or hope, anyway. Stuff is insidious.

  3. '"Nerd," she calls me, for chosing to discuss our lives on a blog instead of with Real People.'

    I've thought you were a nerd for any number or reasons, but not in a negative way.

    Interesting how your lonely little blog got several comments as soon as you mentioned 'trains'. It's odd how the internet works sometimes.


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