Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gathering Theads

Many little but meaningful tasks are consuming my time. I have a feeling that I have but scratched the surface of the things that need to be done before we can effect our move to Bend. While I walk around our house and my shop I am now taking note of those things that I must not forget to bring: a concrete statue of the seated Buddha in our front yard--a birthday gift of many years ago; my modest collection of wines stashed inside a bench seat in the kitchen; a bunch of power tools under a blue plastic tarp behind the house, moved there to make the property more presentable. I'll be leaving Carlsbad to Bend a week before everyone else, me in a car towing a little trailer, the others will be left behind to load our possessions into the rental truck. I plan to leave them a note reminding them to bring these things which I fear will be overlooked and left behind.

I've handed out copies of our termite report to two handymen who take care of that kind of work, hoping that I'll get much better bids than the government contract-sized one provided by the exterminator who did the inspection. That shoe will drop in a couple-three days.

Mrs Elliott's phone-answering business can't afford to be off the air for more than a weekend or so, else her clients will get mightily annoyed. She made arrangements with a company in Bend to take care of routing her dozen+ lines and Internet VOIP setup; and another in Eugene to take care of installing and programming her Samsung multiline office phones. It's a far more complicated system that I am describing here, and it takes planning and coordination: the plan is for Mrs Elliott to overnight the hardware up to Bend, and for the Eugene people to install it in the house, while the Bend company is tasked with making sure that when the hardware is connected to the copper, that all those 800-numbers that folk call will be hooked up and active, and the phones will ring just as they do here.

However, the Bend company is now telling her that Qwest Communications, who have to actually get the lines to the house, are saying they can't get the work done until the end of August. There's no way that Mrs Elliott's company can operate with more than a weekend of outage so this is a big deal. According to the Bend company, Qwest is so far unresponsive to pleas to move faster, and they even hinted that Qwest could choose to delay even more if too much pressure is put on them. Of course, Mrs Elliott is more than a little annoyed that the Bend company hadn't put in the work request sooner than they did, but that may prove to be water under the bridge. She may have to delay her departure to Bend for a couple more weeks just so she can answer the phones here. This is not end of the world news, of course, but it's a major hassle.

Especially so because we've already bought tickets for the Sheryl Crowe concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater at the end of the month -- Mrs Elliott would not like to miss that! Me, I suppose I could live without that concert especially since one of my favorite bands, Mingo Fishtrap, is playing a couple days later -- for free.

Interior decorating is not one of our strong suits, neither of us was born with that gene. But we do know that we need to change the color of the paint in several of the rooms in our new house. Our realtor will let workers into the house before we get there, and we're wanting to have the kitchen, nook, dining area, and master bedroom painted before we move in. The guy that will be painting the rooms likes Sherwin Williams paint so I visited the local S-W store and picked up paint samples. We're pretty sure that the existing kitchen will look nice if the present mint-green walls are painted a warmer hue, like the kitchen in this photo, (courtesty Jim Johnson's Bend Oregon Real Estate Blog). All I have to do now is figure out which paint color will get us closest. At least I have a calibrated monitor and matching light source of the same color temperature...clearly the kind of stuff only a photography geek would have.

And of course, paperwork. Registering my business online, filling out documents to speed opening my bank accounts in Bend. Mostly no big deal, only requiring attention to detail, except for drafting up the Articles of Organization for the new Oregon domestic LLC. You'd think that finding a generic set of Articles for a simple single-manager, single-member (both me) manager-managed LLC would be easy on the Interweb. No so! The free ones are a little too complicated for me to modify easily, being a technical kind of guy and not a lawyerly kind of guy, while the pay-for-then-download ones don't provide enough information to tell a fellow whether they'd be any easier to modify to suit my needs. So I sent an email to the business banker in Bend who promised to hold my hand through the whole setting up business in Bend thing, hoping that maybe she has anything generic I could plagiarize. Who knows? I could be lucky....


  1. "I plan to leave them a note reminding them to bring these things which I fear will be overlooked and left behind."

    Recipe for disaster. Don't do it.

  2. Don't do what? Leave notes or leave things behind? I have to leave some things behind, they are either too big or heavy to bring in the Vanagon w/ trailer, or are needed here in the house even after I've left. Like wi-fi stuff which Mrs Elliott will need for the week she's here after I've departed. So papering the place with notes is the best I can do.


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