Friday, July 4, 2008

Finding a House, Pt. 2

We were up early the next day, and after breakfast at Victorian Cafe we decided to concentrate on the west side, with its heterogeneous mixture of old and new properties, expensive and modest houses living side by side. (The food at the cafe was excellent and the the pretty ladies waiting table added visual charm to the experience -- I may be an older gentleman but I can appreciate beauty around me, whether flowers, a gorgeous sky, or a pretty girl.) Using the intersection of Galveston and 14th as a center point, we divided the west side into quarters and drove every single street, grabbing fliers from every house with a For Sale sign.

There were only a few houses that were large enough for our needs, and they were either too expensive, too cheaply built, or too ugly to interest. But when we started looking in the higher areas on the north of westside we found two or three likely candidates. One property on NW Portland Ave was a nearly perfect fit. It had a four bedrooms, an office with built-in desks and shelves for Mrs Elliott's business, and three smallish rooms at the end of the hall which the owner was already using for his guitar-building shop. All I'd need to do is put in a new exterior door for our employees to enter the house, and knock down the walls between the three rooms to make one larger one, and I'd be in business, too.

In addition, the kitchen was well laid-out for cooking (I like to amateur chef), there was a formal dining area for Mrs Elliott to entertain, and several large decks with a view to the south. Mind, this isn't a craftsman house, it's an inexpensively-built ranch style house with cottage cheese ceilings downstairs, cheap light fixtures, and small bathrooms. Other than a wood stove downstairs and a gas fireplace upstairs, the only heat is 220-v wall heaters in some of the rooms, and radiant heat ceilings in the bed rooms. I'm not a fan of electric heating, and the Bend winters are considerably colder than what we're used to, so I do have some trepidation about how comfortable the house will be when it gets cold.

But even so, the house felt good to us and because the owners/occupants were considering moving to another state, it was priced to sell. We made a lowball offer -- no harm in trying -- which they immediately rejected, so we came back with a more agreeable offer, which they accepted. It was agreed that the house would become ours at the end of June, 2008, and that the owners would rent it back from us for the month of July while they sought new living arrangements.

Time was running out, we had to return to Carlsbad. Having an offer on a house accepted is the easy part -- now we had to get a house loan, get our house sold, and plan how to move ourselves, one or two kids, and two businesses to Bend.

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  1. Can't say I've ever seen anyone use 'chef' as a verb. Maybe it's just me.
    I guess being a vegan might force that on you if nothing else.
    There was an interesting episode of 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' (UK version) that featured a struggling vegan restaurant in Paris. It didn't make me think of you in that I didn't know you were a vegetarian at the time, but if I had, it would have. : )
    It was an interesting episode; you might ought to find it if you're into that sort of thing. Some of the food (his food, anyway) looked really good.


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