Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back to Carlsbad, Early July

Having completed most of the Bend-related tasks, Mrs Elliott and I flew back to SoCal, while my son drove himself and his friends back -- picking up two (2) speeding tickets in the process, one in Oregon on the 97, one in CA on the 5 near Fresno. I am not pleased with him, but I reckon there's little need to chew him out since the second cop had him handcuffed and sitting along the road while sorting out the particulars of his mysterious lack of a driver's license. The lad is a registered driver, but being more forgetful than the average young bear, he tends to lose more than his fair share of important items. He's also picked up a $420 fine in Oregon, and will need to attend traffic school here to erase that point off his driving record. Of course we'll pay the $420, then make him pay us back by laboring around the Bend house. So I think the lesson will be learned.

Down here, the termite inspector found plenty of termites and dry rot -- probably close to $10,000 worth of damage. This is not happy news, esp. since most of the damage is older than three years, and the pest inspector that we paid when we moved into the house three years ago missed much of it, and that pest inspection company is now out of business so I don't know if we have any recourse.

Much of today has been spent playing around with a scale drawing of the rooms where I'm setting up shop. Little paper cutouts of assembly workstations, shelving and other exciting items.

As mentioned below, we met with two handymen at the Bend house to discuss knocking down walls, cutting a new door on the side of the house. I wasn't real excited by either guy and wish I had a couple more handyment to get to look at the work.

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